How Do I enter?

Entry is only available now online (until 19 October) or in person at Marks Park, Emmarentia, 10am – 7pm, 16 – 20 October. No entries on the day of the walk.

Where can I get my entry form?

Entry is only available now online (until 19 October) or in person at Marks Park, Emmarentia, 10am – 7pm, 16 – 20 October. No entries on the day of the walk.

Will I automatically receive a Goodie Bag if I take part in the walk?

All entries will receive a special Goodie Bag.

What should I expect in my Goodie Bag?

Contents may vary from bag to bag but will all include an Avon and a Justine Product and a Caxton magazine. The first 25,000 entries receive a commemorative event t-shirt. T-shirts will be available for purchase to those who did not qualify.

I would like to bring my child, how much will it cost?

Children under 12 will cost R100 an entry, children under 2 walk for free (prams are welcome). All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Late entries will cost R110. No entries on the day of the walk.

My friends are registering as a team. Do we all have to go to registration?

Only the captain of the team would need to collect walk numbers and goodie bags. Please ensure you have all the reference numbers on hand to avoid any problems. Click here for registration and collection information. Teams must consist of 10 or more members. Each team member must complete an individual entry form. Only the team captain needs to complete both the individual and the team entry form.

When do I collect my walker number?

Walk packs and numbers can be collected at the venue between 16 October and 20 October 2018 from 10:00 to 19:00.

Walk Pack contents included: goodie bag, walk number and t-shirt (if qualified)

How much does late registration cost?

Late entries are available at the venue between 16 and 20 October 2018 and costs are R 160 per adult and R 110 per child under 12 years. Children under 2 can still register for free. Please note that entries will be limited to the first 35 000 entries.

Where is the event taking place this year?

This year the event will only take place in Johannesburg. It will be at Marks Park Sports Complex, Judith Road, Emmarentia.

How do I get to Marks Park?

Click here to get directions from Google maps.

What else will be happening besides the walk?

There will be loads of entertainment including, children’s play area, toddler’s trot, live performances, food stalls, hospitality sites, prize giveaways and more.

Will there be enough refreshments at the vendors or should I bring extras for myself?

There will be refreshment stations along the route but please also bring your own water provisions.

Is there somewhere safe I can park my car while I walk?

There are designated parking areas for the walkers which will be added to the website closer to the event, posted on Facebook and included in your Walkers Handbook. Should you wish to make use of Park and Ride, please purchase a ticket. Ride venues include Royal Elephant Hotel Centurion, East Rand Mall, Silverstar Casino and Fairlands Walk.

What time will the walkathon start and if I arrive late will I still be able to take part?

All participants will receive a colour coded walk number indicating his/her start time.

The first 10,000 walkers (Red walk number) will start at 07:30. The second 10,000 walkers (Blue walk number) will start walking at 08:00. The last 10,000 walkers ( Green walk number ) will start at 08:30. Any walkers not in the starting chute by 09:00 will not be allowed to walk as traffic regulations only allow walkers on the route for a certain time.

Will there be any facilities for looking after my kids while I walk?

No, have your child walk with you and then they can enjoy the kids entertainment at the finish. All children are to be supervised on the route and wear identification wrist bands. Wristbands will be provided upon collection of your goodie bag.

How do I register my dog?

Click here for the dog walk information

Do I need to pre-register my dog?

Yes, all dogs need to be pre-registered. This can be done at registration when you collect your walker number and goodie bag. You can also download a dog walk entry form from the website, fill it in and bring it along to registration.

What does it cost to bring my dog?

Dogs walk for free

What do I need to bring along for my dog?

Please be sure to bring a leash for your dog and although we will provide refreshments for your dog along the route we do suggest you bring food and extra water with you.

My dog is not too friendly. May I still bring him along?

We like to put the walker’s safety first so we only recommend friendly dogs be brought along for the dog walk

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